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~Proven in Kennels, Shelters and Homes Since 1995~
Why choose a Kuranda Bed for your dog?

Provides the most Orthopedic Comfort…


The cot design provides orthopedic comfort good for healthy hips and joints for dogs of all ages and prevents ugly elbow calluses caused from laying on a hard floor.  Unlike foam or filled beds that compress, clump and become uneven, your Kuranda Bed will provide years of firm, even support your pet.  Veterinarians recommend this bed as especially beneficial for pets who suffer from hip problems, arthritis or aging.  The height of the bed makes it is easier for elderly dogs to get up from the bed than from the floor or low cushions or pads.


“We ordered one of your beds for our older dog who has a hip disorder. The bed was an immediate hit...”

   - Sandy Lenga, Tabernash, CO



Guaranteed Chewproof


Unlike beds which wrap the fabric around the outside of a frame making it totally exposed for a dog to chew, Kuranda beds have a patented design which secures the fabric inside a special channel in the frame totally inaccessible to dogs. There are no corner gaps in the fabric or exposed edges that a dog could grab and chew. Dogs who are crated because they can chew and potentially be harmed by ingesting bedding are safe and comfortable with a Kuranda Bed.  Kuranda dog beds are backed with an all inclusive 1 year replacement warranty.


“We have tried EVERY bed made, and one has never lasted longer than 6 hours in his kennel.. This is the ONLY bed he has not destroyed!”
   - Amy Schwarz


Easiest to Clean


Unlike cushioned beds which hold odors and germs, Kuranda beds are easily wiped clean with a sponge. The entire bed can be hosed off outside or washed in the shower using soap and water. Vacuuming and mopping under the bed is a breeze.. Slipcovers and fleece pads attach to the frame with elastic bands rather than awkward zippers enabling removal in seconds for machine washing.


“I used Kuranda dogs beds when I worked for Countryside Veterinary Hospital and LOVED them...less laundry, easier cleaning and better for the dogs.”

   - Monica Harrison


“Gus suffered for many years with persistent skin allergies. Now, with the fleece covering that we can wash weekly, I am happy to share that Gus’s night time licking and itching has vastly decreased.”

   - Jay and Amy

Easy to Clean
Snyder the Dog Deer

Strong Enough for Giant Breeds


Unlike pillow beds which flatten with wear and inferior cots which are short lived, your dog will enjoy his/her Kuranda bed for years. Frames are constructed of aluminum or reinforced PVC.  Fabrics choices include Ballistic Nylon and Vinyl Coated Polyester which resist stretching and offer abrasion resistance superior to any other fabric on the market.


“Here is Toro (japanese mastiff) and Bella (neapolitan mastiff) sunbathing together on Toro’s bed… We have purchased other beds in the past but none compare to the quality and durability of the Kuranda! Thanks for such a great product! By the way the dogs combined weight is 285 lbs!!”

   - Marion, Toro and Bella

The Choice of Professionals


Comfortable for dogs….easy-to-clean for the staff…long lasting….inexpensive replacement parts…its no surprise that Kuranda Beds are the exclusive choice of thousands of Boarding Kennels, Shelters, Rescues and Breeders across North America.


“I went to pet stores and looked at similar type beds…. I like Kuranda the best, easy to buy replacement parts and materials should I ever need them.  My dogs love to pee on everything. Typical dog beds do not survive the wash and dry cycles. I love your beds so much that I sent one of my large beds with a golden retriever that has severe hip problems that only get worse if he sleeps on the floor or ground. He loves his bed and his new home is also very impressed with the beds. There are many beds that look like Kuranda beds but there is only one Kuranda.”

   - Kim, Hotdog Hill Sanctuary - VA

Orthopedic Comfort


Kuranda Beds


Since 1995, Kuranda Beds has been working to improve the lives of dogs in shelters, kennels and homes.


Through rugged design, quality workmanship and premium materials we build beds which meet the needs of dogs and the people who care for them.


We are a family owned, small business who manufacture all of our products in Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA. 


For more information contact us at 1-800-752-5308 or see our full line of products at http://www.Kuranda.com

Kuranda Humane Programs


Thanks to pet lovers like you, over 10,000 Kuranda Beds have been placed in shelters, rescues and animal control facilities throughout North America.


The beds provide the dogs a soft, comfortable place to relax during their time in the shelter.


Through our “Donate-A-Bed” Program, individuals can donate beds or pads to the shelter or rescue of their choice at discounted prices.


Donations are sent directly to the shelter or rescue in the name of the donor.


To learn more visit Kuranda.com/donate


Discounts and Specials


If you want the quality of a Kuranda Bed at a discounted price we offer two great choices:


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For more information:

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Manufactured in Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA


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